My booking-and-creating experience

So, you don't know if you want to book or not. Not to fret! Listed below is my typical booking process. I value having true connection with my clients, and understand that our visions may not always agree with each other. Even if we end up not collaborating, I love creating connections with new people! <3

So... what does booking a session look like?

step one

get to know each other!

I'm huge on being friends with everyone I possibly can. Comfort is such an important factor when deciding on a photographer. From the moment you click send on that contact form, you will be treated like family. My goal is not only to create beautiful imagery for my clients, but also allow a space to feel 100% comfortable and themselves.

After you complete your contact form, I will respond by email in 1-2 business days. From there, we will discuss a timeline and general mood-board for our time together, either on the phone or in-person! This allows me to understand by clients' visions better, and just overall get to know them prior to our session! After our meeting and if you do decide to book with me, I will email you a contract and invoice through HoneyBook. You will be able to sign the contract and pay for your session all in one place!

step two

take some pictures!!!!

So here we are at the super fun part! During our time together, my only goal is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. This looks different at every session. I am your personal hype woman! If you're in front of my camera, I never want you to feel like you need to change anything about your appearance. Your uniqueness makes you beautiful, and my favorite part about photography is being able to document so many different, incredible people.

I love being able to meet with my couples or models before a shoot, so I am always down to grab a lunch or coffee prior to the session! This allows us to get to know each other a little bit better, plus we get a nice snack, lol.

When directing my clients, I tend to give more actions/things to do than static poses. I've found that this helps people feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and allows me to capture more genuine moments!

I love to shoot at natural locations, so I gravitate towards a lot of trails and state parks. However, I am really game for any location and love to step outside of the box! I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, and am a sucker for some pretty architecture. (When I'm at the art museum, I'm almost always in the landscape sections lol). I shoot on my Sony A7Riv, and will occasionally bring a film camera or two;)

step three

editing process

After our session, I will take your images home and immediately start my editing! Since I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, I like to focus on muted-yet-vibrant colors. I edit my images with Adobe Lightroom and will occasionally Photoshop small imperfections, such as pimples and stray hairs. However, I do not make drastic changes to your body! I do my best to shoot at flattering angles, and believe that your expression should be celebrated rather than critiqued. Both my shooting and editing style are true-to-life, and I try to keep my work as realistic as possible.

I send my galleries through Pixieset. Once your images are complete, I will email you a link to your gallery with a little thank you note! :)

My editing times vary for different types of sessions:

SENIORS: 3-4 weeks


WEDDINGS: 6-9 weeks