Hi, I'm Anwyn Suhr.

For the longest time, I've been a lover of art. Growing up my dream career changed weekly, from painter to ballerina to marine biologist to filmmaker. Throughout middle school and junior high, I began to dive more into photography and videography. I took pictures and videos of everything going on in my life... weekend trips to the St. Louis Art Museum, my friends goofing off downtown, the changing of leaves in the autumn. I fell head over heels in love with capturing the world through a lens, and decided to pursue a career in filmmaking.

I spent four long years deliberating over what college would be best for me, or what film program was the most affordable. During my junior year, I began a digital media class that introduced me into the world of film and photography. The class changed my life for the better, but completely flipped how I viewed my future. Filmmaking, which had once been my passion, was turning more and more into a chore. Around this time, I began to take pictures of close friends and couples. The closer I got to graduating high school, the more I realized that further schooling might not be relevant in my life.

So..... a month before graduating high school, I un-applied from college. I founded Media by Anwyn, and spent most of my time working or taking photos.

All that to say, this business changed my life for the better. I am able to pursue a career that I love, and am able to meet some pretty sick people along the way. Plus, I still get to create beautiful and emotional imagery! My purpose, both personally and business-wise, is to capture people's true selves and help them feel comfortable in their own skin. You deserve to be loved for you.


Fun Facts!

  • I love to travel, but am secretly a homebody. My Winnie-the-Pooh blanket > everything else.
  • And ironically enough, my nickname is Wynnie!
  • I love a good rock hunt. Shiny rocks make my brain happy.
  • Favorite food is buffalo mac and cheese. Do not bash it until you try it.
  • Mentally, I am a grandma. I love old pictures and embroidery. :-)

Elephant Rock, MO


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